Bush administration turning to mystics to find Osama

April 16, 2003 at 10:11 am
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we’re having some real fun. We’ve got Biblical mystics prognosticating for the
Defense Dept! Love it. (Hey, this reminds me of another guy who consulted with
religious scholars to plan his military campaigns: http://www.crystalinks.com/hitler.html)



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“the skeptics Dictionary” newsletter: 4/15

has been reported
that on February 21, 2003, Michael Drosnin (of Bible Code infamy) was invited by
Paul Wolfowitz, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, to address some top
military intelligence officials on such things as how to find Osama bin Laden by
reading embedded codes in the Torah. He also told them that the code reveals
that Hussein will be destroyed. According to Drosnin, his audience “took it very
seriously. They’re practical people and I wanted to give them something of
practical use.” As a result of the meeting, Drosnin says,
U.S. and
Israeli intelligence forces are hot on bin Laden’s trail. I guess this is what
is meant by faith-based defense.

Drosnin is
a former police reporter for the Washington
and former writer for The
Wall Street Journal
. He is undeterred either by those who claim that
they can get the same kinds of “predictions” from Moby Dick or by those who point out that
the Bible forbids soothsaying.

Barry Levy,
dean of
McGill University’s religious studies department and a
Torah scholar, says, “I’m surprised to learn that the Pentagon is engaging in
sorcery as part of its military strategy. There is nothing particularly
spiritual or convincing or valid about this. It’s entertainment.” Maybe, but
some military
and political
leaders take it quite seriously.
[Thanks to John Renish.]


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