Bushes thank Enron executives

February 4, 2003 at 1:18 am
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Oh, isn’t this nice. (Maybe
you have seen this story already, as it’s from mid-December, but it was new
to me.)


– G.H. and G.W. Bush thanking the
president of Enron for his loyal service to their family and to Texas. In 1996.
When, supposedly, they didn’t have any particular relationship.


– Ken Lay and other executives joking
about their accounting practices and the huge amounts of ‘money’ they were


Be sure to check out the links at the
bottom of this article, and the various video clips available from those


So, we have a proven case of massive
fraud…people were killed over it…millions of people lost their retirements
and their savings in it…the Bush family was very close to all of those who did
it and profited financially and otherwise from it…the Enron guys raped us all,
especially California, and boy did we get bent over in our “energy crisis”,
which we now know was largely manufactured…when the CA governor went to Bush
& Cheney asking for help in the situation, he got the cold shoulder and then
the slap…now CA is deep in litigation and trying to recover damages for the
extortion that I had to pay those bastards, which is also going to cost
me money…this whole situation contributed substantially to CA’s
massive debt problem, which is now leading to (naturally) cuts in critical
services and education…and, what? Have you seen this story all over the
supposedly liberal media? Has a single one of these lying, thieving bastards
spent a single day in jail? Anybody heard a whisper about any special
prosecutors or impeachment hearings? Nahhhh. That’s only for cases of oral
sex between consenting adults, apparently…a much more grevious sin.


“Just some good ol’ boys…never
meanin’ no harm…”




Bush and
Poppy Caught on 1997 Enron Tape; Skits Make Fun of Accounting

BuzzFlash Note: Appearances by then-Governor George
W. Bush and George H. W. Bush in this video, and Poppy’s comments about
former Enron President Rich Kinder’s assistance putting Junior into the
Governor’s office, prove how close George W. Bush was to Enron. More
importantly, this video is one more piece of evidence that the
American people were lied to when Bush was first questioned about his
relationship with Ken Lay and Enron. BuzzFlash wonders if the mainstream
media will ask him about it? We doubt it.

* * *

Feds Want To See Enron Videotape

President Bush Also Takes Part In

HOUSTON — Skits and jokes by a few former Enron
Corp. executives at a party six years ago were funny then, but now border
on bad taste in light of the events of the past year.

A videotape of a January 1997 going-away party for
former Enron President Rich Kinder features nearly half an hour of absurd
skits, songs and testimonials by company executives and prominent
Houstonians, the Houston Chronicle reported in its Monday editions.

The collection is all meant in good fun, but some of
the comments are ironic in the current climate of corporate scandal.


President George W. Bush, who then was governor of
Texas, also took part in the skit, as did his father.

At the party, the younger Bush pleaded with Kinder:
“Don’t leave Texas. You’re too good a man.”

The governor’s father also offered a send-off to
Kinder, thanking him for helping his son reach the governor’s mansion.

“You have been fantastic to the Bush family,” the
elder Bush said. “I don’t think anybody did more than you did to support

MORE: http://www.click2houston.com/hou/money/stories/money-184005020021216-101218.html



Enron’s video skits show ironic twists (with
Jokes made by former executives parallel actual
events that led to company’s downfall

Report: ’97 Enron Tape Parallels Scandal


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