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July 31, 2004 at 4:41 am
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High Noon for Natural Gas

The New Energy Crisis

Julian Darley

Book overview:

Blackouts, rising gas prices, changes to the Clean Air Act, proposals to open wilderness and protected offshore areas to gas drilling, and increasing dependence on natural gas for electricity generation. What do all these developments have in common, and why should we care?

In this timely expose, author Julian Darley takes a hard-hitting look at natural gas as an energy source that rapidly went from nuisance to crutch. Darley outlines the implications of our increased dependence on this energy source and why it has the potential to cause serious environmental, political, and economic consequences. In High Noon for Natural Gas readers can expect to find a critical analysis of government policy on energy, as well as a meticulously researched warning about our next potentially catastrophic energy crisis.

Did you know that:

  • Natural Gas (NG) is the second most important energy source after oil;
  • In the U.S. alone, NG is used to supply 20% of all electricity and 60% of all home heating;
  • NG is absolutely critical to the manufacture of agricultural fertilizers;
  • In the U.S. the NG supply is at critically low levels, and early in 2003 we came within days of blackouts and heating shutdowns;
  • Matt Simmons, the world’s foremost private energy banker, is now warning that economic growth in the U.S. is under threat due to the looming NG crisis?

“While much is known about the growing pressures on peteroleum supplies, far less is known about natural gas. As Julian Darley convincingly demonstrates in this important book, the long-range future for gas is equally bleak as that for oil. This invaluable book arrives at a critical juncture.” —Michael Klare, author of Resource Wars

About the Author
Julian Darley is a British environmental researcher who writes about nonmarket and non-technology-based responses to global environmental degradation. He runs an Internet broadcasting station (GlobalPublicMedia.com), develops OpenSource web database sites for nonprofits and civil society organizations, and is currently writing a book on how and why we need “global relocalization” of the economy, society and culture. Julian lives in Vancouver, Canada. For more information on Julian Darley, please visit his personal website

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