Energy security, tax breaks for SUVs, Natural Capitalism

February 3, 2003 at 4:27 pm
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Just a
quick couple of links today. Posts to the list will be light this week, as I
have a guest.


more perspective from John Perry Barlow:


article about huge tax breaks for buyers of extra-large SUVs:


And another bit of perspective about national energy security:

“If the top 5% of the business energy consumers in
the State of California increased their efficiency 5% it would equal something
like ALL the energy we went out of state for during our public Enron Raping and
Debt Humiliation and Accumulation Processes of two winters


If you haven’t read Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken and
Amory & Hunter Lovins, let me plug it again. It’s a great book,
revolutionary even, and demonstrates in many real-world examples that the
markets for energy efficiency are absolutely huge–much larger than, say, the
markets for new energy generation. Energy security for the U.S. does not
necessarily require us to control the Middle East; it does not require us to
deploy renewable energy generation on a large scale; it doesn’t mean the death
of US auto & energy industries; it doesn’t even mean reduced profits for
anyone. It just requires us to rethink the ways energy is used, and make our
vehicles, buildings, manufacturing processes, and machines more energy
efficient. And it could be done very quickly, if we put our minds and political
will to it.



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