Michiganers and military leaders against war with Iraq

February 4, 2003 at 11:10 pm
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I thought this was
very interesting. There are some great quotes in here, including many
from military men who think that attacking Iraq is going to be another Vietnam
boondoggle (let’s not forget, we now know that the incident that legitimized our
going into Vietnam in the first place was one manufactured by the US govt in
order to create a pretext!).

Marines and Michiganders – Notable quotes from military and the press against the war.

And we already know that the intelligence reports
on Iraq from the CIA have become politicized. The administration simply doesn’t
want to hear it if it doesn’t fit their agenda, not even from the CIA. The one
that stuck out for me was this:

“…analysts at the Central Intelligence
Agency have complianed that senior administration officials have exaggerated the
significance of some intelligence reports about Iraq, particularly about its
possible links to terrorism, in order to strengthen their political argument for
war…At the Federal Bureau of Investigation, some investigators said they were
baffled by the Bush adminstration’s insistence on a solid link between Iraq and
Osama bin Laden’s network. “We’ve been looking at this hard for more than a year
and you know what, we just don’t think it’s there,” a government official
The New York Times, Feb. 2, 2003

And, I guess I might as well say it: every time
I’ve seen these guys, from Bush to Rumsfeld to Powell to Fleischer to Tony
Blair, making their allusions to connections between bin Laden and Hussein, my
gut feeling has been that they’re floating balloons to see if anything will
work. The words are always couched in ambiguous, speculative terms, designed to
suggest substance without really having any. They’ve been saying they have hard
evidence for at least six months now, yet we’ve seen only the barest of threads.
For perspective, one might wonder why, if we’re going to such lengths to find a
connection between Hussein and bin Laden, we are apparently ignoring the
multitude of public facts that show that bin Laden and most of Al Quaeda came
from, and were supported by, the Saudis! And then one might wonder: well, is
this really about terrorism then? 

We’ll see what the weapons inspectors
say. But mark my words: if the Bush administration doesn’t get their pretext
then, they will not hesitate to manufacture one, or say to hell with it, we’ve
got his violations of UN resolutions on record, and we’re going in. I don’t
think there’s any serious question left that we’re going into Iraq. The only
real question left is about saving face. Will they be able to round up
sufficient participation from other countries to call their actions just,
or will our hegemony be exposed for what it truly is?


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