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December 5, 2001 at 1:48 pm
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to @home’s pulling the plug and the ensuing troubles, the WAS site is
temporarily offline. However, there are a couple of articles that I hope
everyone will read. They’re long, but well worth it. I’d be interested in
hearing your responses to them.


a link to one of them, the transcript of a Noam Chomsky lecture shortly after
the WTC attacks:

The New War Against Terror

October 18, 2001 – Transcribed from audio
recorded at The Technology & Culture Forum at MIT
The Talk (audio)

And here’s another:

Keynote Address by Bill Moyers
at the Environmental Grantmakers Association conference

Brainerd, MN October 16, 2001

I really hope that
these thoughts can make their way to as many Americans as possible (do
forward!), and get us all thinking a little more clearly about the situation
we’re in. Our administration’s rhetoric, and the messages we get from their
dog-on-a-chain, CNN, are far from the whole truth, and I feel strongly that, as
Bill Moyers said, this is a critical time for the vigilance and participation of
American citizens.


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