Notes from \"Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election\"

November 13, 2003 at 9:29 pm
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If you
haven’t seen it yet, and you get the Sundance Channel, you still have a few more
chances to catch Greg Palast’s
“Unprecedented: The 2000 Election
on the tube this week.  Even if you’ve already read The
Best Democracy Money Can Buy,
this is worth watching. Somehow it’s more
easily digestible in video form.


Watch “Unprecedented: The 2000
Presidential Election” on the SUNDANCE CHANNEL this week.

Previously unseen videotape records the shoplifting of democracy!
Guaranteed you’ll choke on your popcorn!
The one-hour investigative documentary never before broadcast in the USA
features Greg Palast’s discovery of Katherine Harris’ purge of thousands of
Black citizens from Florida’s voter rolls.

Sunday afternoon Nov 16th, 12
Wednesday evening Nov 19th, 9 PM
Friday evening, Nov 21st, 12:45 AM.

And for your convenience, here are a few notes I took
while I watched it. (I claim no accuracy for my note-taking ability however.)

  • 15% of the voters removed from the rolls because they
    were supposedly ex-felons were actually innocent – 8000 voters, half of them

  • 93% of the black vote went to Al

  • Therefore approximately 4000 black votes would have
    gone to Gore

  • 2,883 ex-offenders were improperly removed, 80% of
    which vote Democratic

  • Therefore approximately 2400 legal, Democratic voters
    were improperly removed

  • Gore lost a total of approximately 22,000 votes as a
    result of the black-box, voter purge operation

  • There
    were 19,100 “overvotes” for Gore from the butterfly ballots, which were thrown

  • 27,000 votes in Duval County overvoted due to faulty
    instructions, 98% of them Democratic, which were thrown

  • 680 illegal ballots from absentees were included in
    the official count

  • Bush
    retained his lead only by counting “undervoters”

  • 175,000 ballots remained unread

  • Only four counties’ recounts were

  • The official margin for Bush: 537

By my rough math, if I’ve got this right, 69,000 votes
that any reasonable person would say were legitimately for Gore and should have
been counted, were thrown out to give Bush a 537 vote lead to win the Presidency
of the US.


Shameful, isn’t it?





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