Poli-spam: Today\’s harvest: War and Sense Choice links to clear

September 27, 2001 at 12:49 pm
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Hey folks…my friend Mike put this page together to compile the best of
information about “America’s New War” or “Project Infinite Justice” (or
whatever they’re calling it now that they realized that project name incites
Muslims). He’s keeping it up to date with the best stuff I’ve come across
too, so you might want to bookmark it.


At the top of that page be sure to read the Chomsky article. Typical
Chomsky, but I think it raises a lot of valid points, and is appropriate
reading on this Day of Atonement (or At-one-ment).

And here’s the link o’ the day:

Nobel Peace Laureates speak out . . . very interesting reading

I have added you to my Poli-spam list. If you want to be off it at any time,
just say the word. If you have an email tool that lets you filter, I will
try to always include “Poli-spam” in the Subject line from now on.


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