\"Practice to Deceive\" – Tactics of the Bush Hawks

April 17, 2003 at 12:25 am
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Do you feel like you’re in school
yet? How’s the syllabus treatin’ ya?


Well, give this a must-read star.
Print it out, put it by the toilet, whatever, but do read it. It’s a very good
explication of the deceptive tactics the Bush hawks have used to advance their
agenda. Once you know their game, you can see it happening constantly. The
propoganda is thick, and the gang in charge, as thick as theives. It’s truly
galling, hard to swallow, that our leaders can be so guileful, so cynical, and
above all, so sure that they can put one over on the benighted American public.
I hope, vainly perhaps, that journalism like this, and passing it around on
email, has the power put the lie to that.




Practice to Deceive
Chaos in the
Middle East is not the Bush hawks’ nightmare scenario–it’s their plan.

By Joshua
Micah Marshall



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