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October 30, 2002 at 8:44 pm
Contributed by: Chris

Defenders of the Free World,


it certainly is heating up out there ain’t it? The Administration is clearly
bent on putting in its agenda to invade Iraq. Bush and Blair are starting
to sound a bit shrill as they object to reasonable attempts
to defuse the situation, and the possible ulterior motive, to wrest
control of the oil markets away from the Saudis, starts to sound more likely.
Meanwhile, our own senators appear in Iraq to protest the Bush agenda and give
the lie to its justifications for going in, and for their efforts, they get
Trent Lott telling them they’d best shut their pie-holes. (Or what?) So many
world leaders and statesmen are objecting to this agenda, that Dubya and Blair
are starting to look a bit lonely. And yet, if you’re watching TV (of course you
are) with a critical eye, you have noticed we’ve suddenly got a lot of war
TV…war movies, war history clips, war games, “Boot Camp”‘…glory glory glory.
Anybody else hear “Fixing to Die Rag” playing?



I hope
some of you caught “Secret Societies” on the History Channel last week. Very
interesting stuff. Put some of that together with what Michael Ruppert is laying
down ( in Truth
and Lies of 9-11
and boy howdy, it’s starting to look a lot like the X



today’s issue:



Michael Moore lets the Democrats have it. I couldn’t
agree more! As Daniel Schorr said in his commentary on NPR


( “…opposing President Bush on the war issue would be painting a profile
in political courage. But profiles in courage seem to be out of fashion.” See
attached Michael Moore’s letter, and if you wish, add your name to his



If you
haven’t already, make yourself heard to your Congressmen:
It only takes a minute.



And finally, an excellent
lampooning by
The Onion  Bush Seeks U.N.
Support For ‘U.S. Does Whatever It Wants’ Plan” 



November elections coming
up…I just realized I hadn’t re-registered to vote after moving, how about you?
Write your Congressmen. Do something.



world is a dangerous place to live;not
because of the people who are evil,but
because of the people who don’t do anything about it.
Albert Einstein



“Shit! Goddamn!
Get off your ass and jam!” — Funkadelic



Thanks as always to readers
who sent me all this stuff!




Historic Anti-War March in London

On-the-spot report

by Bob Wing

*Bob Wing is the editor of War Times. He is currently in

London in transit to Palestine.

London, Sept. 28

Tony Blair may be President Bush’s only European ally in

his drive for war on Iraq. But the people of the UK

today forcibly demonstrated their opposition to forcible

regime change.

This afternoon, at least 350,000 people from all over

the United Kingdom descended upon the corridors of power

for a massive and peaceful “Don’t Attack Iraq/Freedom

for Palestine” march and rally.

As I file this report at 4 p.m., less than half the

march, which commenced at 12:30 p.m., has arrived at the

Hyde Park Rally.

The action was the largest of its kind in the UK in 30

years. It was dramatic, and so large that it was truly

impossible to guage its size. Certainly it numbered in

the hundreds of thousands of people of every ethnicity,

age and class.

Recent polls show that 70 percent opposed Britain

joining a U.S.-led military action. “There is not just

opposition to the prospect of war–there is boiling

anger,” asserts Andrew Murray, chair of the Stop the War


The turnout was a shot across the bow of Prime Minister

Tony Blair and a preview of next weeks Labor Party


The demonstration was jointly sponsored by the Stop the

War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain. It

was endorsed by 12 national trade unions, numerous

Muslim and anti-racist organizations, Members of

Parliament and the Mayor of London.

Organizers have called for another massive “Don’t Attack

Iraq Day” for Oct. 31.

“Opposition to this war in this country is the most

incredible coalition I have ever seen,” says Jeremy

Corbyn, a Labor MP.

“Since Sept. 11, Islamophobia has spread across the UK

and activated the Muslim and South Asian populations,”

said Asad Rehman, national organizer for the Stop the

War Coalition and chairman of the Newham Monitoring

Project. South Asians are the largest group of color in

the UK, numbering about 15 percent in London alone.

“I didn’t go on earlier demonstrations but I am now

because the countdown to war has started and I find it

terrifying,” explained march Jemma Redgrave.

Robert “3-D” Del Naja of the pop group Massive Attack

says “I am marching because I feel very disheartened

about our government and the way it reacts to America

and American foreign policy.”

Meanwhile, in Parliament, Labor Party members are

staging a revolt against Blair’s Iraq policy. They warn

that the 56-strong rebellion of this week is just a warm

up. Blair also faces powerful opposition at next week’s

national Labor Party conference.

Charles Kennedy, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party,

the third largest in the UK, declared his opposition to

what he called the U.S.’s “imperialist” policy.


—–Original Message—–
From: Michael Moore’s Mailing List
Tuesday, October 01, 2002 10:26 AM
To: chris.nelder

October 1, 2002

Dear Friends,

I was going
to write you a letter about what a pathetic liar George W, Bush
is — but
then I figured, hey, why waste your time telling you something
you already

You already know that his planned invasion of Iraq is a ruse meant
distract the public from the real issues, those issues being the
1. The number of people unemployed since he “took” office has
risen by 35%.
2. We had a federal SURPLUS of $281 billion when he was
inaugurated; today
we have a DEFICIT of $157 billion.
have been eliminated since Bush began his occupation of
the Oval
4. The stock market is down 34% since January of 2001.
5. Another
1.4 million people now have NO health insurance, making it a
total of over 41
million Americans who can’t afford to get sick.
6. Only 13 corporate crooks
out of HUNDREDS have been indicted, and none of
them have been the close
personal friends of Mr. Bush.

THOSE are the real issues facing us, not
some phony excuse for a war.

But, like I said, you already know that. You
know that Bush is lying
through his smirk when he says Iraq has “weapons of
mass destruction.” He
has not offered one shred of evidence to prove this.
Not one! You know he
is lying when he says that there is a “connection”
between Saddam and bin
Laden. Even members of his own administration have
admitted that is not
true. It’s just one lie after another, and I applaud
those three
congressmen who went to Iraq this week and told it like it is —
demanded that the sanctions which have already killed a half-million
children be ended. Sen. Trent Lott said “they should come home and
their mouths shut.” I say, we need more damn Democrats with that kind
courage and with mouths like that!

Which brings me to the real
point of this letter. The Democrats.

I have never seen a more lame bunch
of cowards and appeasers in my life.
They are ready to bow down before Bush
and give him what he wants to wage
war against Iraq. This pathetic excuse of
a party is an embarrassment to us
all. The fact that they let Robert
Torricelli run for re-election in New
Jersey, knowing how dirty he was, shows
just how capable they are of
handing the Senate over to Bush and the
Republicans come November. They
have blown it over and over again, and lots
of good people I know who keep
putting their faith in the Democrats are just
giving up — and that is the
worst thing to happen in a free

What are we going to do? Left to their own devices, the
Democrats will not
only hand both the House and the Senate to the Republicans
in November,
they will guarantee that Bush gets his second undeserved term in
2004. We
must not let that happen. This year’s election was theirs for the
Just look at the state of the union Bush gave us: Bush cronies
stealing from the corporate till, Bush and Cheney caught breaking the
in the ’90s, the economy in the toilet, and Bush failing to do the
real job he had to do since 9/11: Get bin Laden! What a disgrace! Yet
Democrats could not even find enough candidates to offer a REAL
to the Republicans in nearly 200 House districts for the November
elections. What an appalling excuse of a party.

OK, I know, there
is not much we can do about this now. But we all need to
get busy and ensure
that this whole rotten system is rocked by the
disgruntled millions come
election day 2004. Otherwise, we have no right to

In the
meantime, we must stop the Bush attack on Iraq. We must find out
now, as W
says, “who is wid us and who is agin us.” I am asking each of you
to please
sign the petition I have posted here
and on my
website ( informing the Democrats that whoever
them votes for this war, we pledge NEVER to vote for them again. I
personally see that your on-line signatures are delivered to every
of Congress.  I guarantee your voice will be heard loud and

Go to
and sign
the petition to the Democrats: “You’re Either With Us Or You’re
Then let’s figure out together what we can do to turn things around

Thanks for taking the time to do this. We have no other

Michael Moore

P.S. The wonderful, heartfelt
letters sent to me regarding my mom’s passing
continue to fill my mailbox
from so many of you. Thank you very much — you
don’t know what it has meant
to me. I am sorry I have not been able to be
very active or public in the
past couple of months, so please accept my
apologies and my thanks for your
understanding. Next week, I have to get
back to work — it is time for my
film to bust its way into theaters across
America. I will tell you all about
it next Monday…

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