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August 28, 2008 at 3:45 am
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Chris Nelder is an energy analyst and consultant who has written about energy and investing for more than a decade. He is the author of Profit from the Peak and the co-author of Investing in Renewable Energy and more than 200 articles as a professional analyst/journalist.

He has been published by Nature, Scientific American, Slate, The Atlantic, Quartz, Financial Times Alphaville, the Economist Intelligence Unit, and Greentech Media, among others. He is a public speaker and media guest with more than 50 appearances on television, radio and podcast, including BBC, CNN national radio, Fox Business, and NPR. He consults with business and government on the future of energy, wrote a column at SmartPlanet, and blogs at GetREALList.com.

Chris is currently an Electricity Manager at the Rocky Mountain Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to that, he was a Policy Officer at the Global Footprint Network, where he developed a new cost-benefit analysis framework to help budgeting authorities invest in more sustainable capital projects, which was piloted in the state of Maryland. In previous careers he was a solar photovoltaic system designer, a software engineering lead, an early Web entrepreneur, and a technical writer.

For more on Chris’ work history, see his resume.

Chris welcomes reader feedback, invitations to speak, and good questions. The best way to reach him is via email: chris [at] getreallist [dot] com

You can also find Chris on Twitter.

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