Editorial in The European on Germany’s Energy Transition

April 3, 2013 at 3:10 pm
Contributed by: Chris

German-language readers may want to check out the current issue (2/2013) of The European, a print quarterly magazine, in which I have  an essay on Germany’s energy transition (“Energiewende“) from an American perspective titled “Auf geht’s, Deutschland!” [Let’s go, Germany!]. The cover story is “Vollendung – Der Kampf um den Menschen” [Completion – The fight for the people], and it’s on newsstands now in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, as well as being available worldwide as a digital download for iPad and Android tablet via the Apple App Store and Google Play. I believe this is the first time my work has appeared in a print journal, and the second time my work has been translated into German. See their Web site for details: http://www.theeuropean.de/abo

Postscript May 31, 2013: My article is now available for free online in English here and in German here.

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