Guest appearance on the Extraenvironmentalist podcast

August 10, 2012 at 11:51 am
Contributed by: Chris

I made a guest appearance on the Extraenvironmentalist podcast this week, to talk about how the oil and gas industry works, peak oil, and my larger vision of the future of energy and energy transition. My friend Gregor Macdonald was also featured on the show.

I’ve been a big fan of this podcast for quite some time now, with its “doom without the gloom” focus. They really zero in on the important subjects and the best thinkers and writers on them, with excellent production values. (They also make some really fun “mixtapes” of hip music and clips from great speakers of the past.) The hosts are Justin Ritchie, who is finishing his Masters degree in nanotechnology materials engineering at the University of British Columbia and headed for a PhD in resource management and environmental systems, and Seth Moser-Katz, a multimedia journalist who works at Duke University in Chapel Hill, NC.  These guys really show how the current generation of university students are far more tuned in to our challenges and coming to grips with them in a fearless, clear-eyed way than older generations are, without losing their optimism or sense of humor. (Don’t miss their faux 6-Hour Energy commercial at the end of this episode.) If there is hope for our future, it’s in the hands of  people like them. In addition to the Twitter accounts of the hosts, linked above, you can follow the Twitter account for the show at xenvironmental.

I encourage you to fire up this podcast and check it out, along with their archive of past episodes. (If the inline player quits halfway on you, as it did for me, try downloading it or listening to it on iTunes.) It’s here:  Extraenvironmentalist Episode #47: Power Transition

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  1. Chris,

    From following you for nearly 4 years, I didn’t learn much from this podcast, but, my Heavens, you laid out a very broad and concentrated sweep and Gregor’s comments were nicely complementary. It was such a pleasure to listen to something long enough to have some meat on the bones.

    It was also a pleasure to see a couple of 30 year olds really getting it and to know that they are out there and may be available to do the heavy lifting.

    Bravo! I may have a few friends that aren’t daunted by a 2 hr.+ podcast and I’m going to spend some time on the site. Thanks for the referral.

    Comment by Ron Shook — August 17, 2012 @ 12:01 pm

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