Some responses to peak oil deniers

August 30, 2009 at 12:44 pm
Contributed by: Chris

In addition to my response to the recent rash of peak oil denials, here are some selected responses I happened to come across by other authors.

Randy Udall, ASPO-USA: Michael Lynch, Daniel Yergin – The Denizens of Peak Oil Denial

Joseph Romm, Climate Progress: Open challenge to long-wrong Michael Lynch

Nate Hagens, The Oil Drum: Open Thread for “‘Peak Oil’ is A Waste of Energy”

Kevin Reitmann, The Oil Drum: Michael C. Lynch and the ‘False Threat of Disappearing Oil’

Kevin Reitmann points out that in 1979, Daniel Yergin was a peak oil believer, and was featured in this video with M. King Hubbert.

Gabriel Rotello, Huffington Post: The New York Times on Peak Oil – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Jenny Goldstein, The Faster Times: Peak Oil’s Marketing Problem

Anya Kamenetz, Fast Company: Head in the Tar Sands? The New York Times Runs Anti-Peak Oil Op-Ed

Jesse Zwick, The New Republic: Are Peak Oil Fears Really Bogus?

This isn’t really a response to the deniers, but it was timely and fun. Somebody in the UK drew a large Hubbert’s Curve in the sand on a Sandown beach. Matt White, County Press Online: Drawing a line in the sand

Lyle Brecht, Note to a Peak Oil Denier

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